Garden gates cornwall

We make to order an extensive range of quality Cornwall garden and entrance gates at very competitive prices. We also stock 5 bar field gates. We produce our gates in softwood but can supply hardwood gates. Please call for further information.

5 Bar field gate
Our 5 bar field gates are our most popular gates, they have enough strength to be used to close off a field or are ideal as a driveway or entrance gate. They are constructed with a top rail which is 4’’ (100mm) x 3’’ (75mm). We carry these gates in softwood but they are also available in hardwood.

5 Bar field gate 3′ (900mm) 5 Bar field gate 10′ (3000mm)
5 Bar field gate 4′ (1200mm) 5 Bar field gate 11′ (3300mm)
5 Bar field gate 5′ (1500mm) 5 Bar field gate 12′ (3600mm)
5 Bar field gate 6′ (1800mm) 5 Bar field gate 13′ (3900mm)
5 Bar field gate 7′ (2100mm) 5 Bar field gate 14′ (4200mm)
5 Bar field gate 8′ (2400mm) 5 Bar field gate 15′ (4500mm)
5 Bar field gate 9′ (2700mm)

Turned hill gate
A traditional gate, planed with a curved top hanging stile.


Turned hill gate 3′ (900mm) Turned hill gate 8′ (2400mm)
Turned hill gate 4′ (1200mm) Turned hill gate 9′ (2700mm)
Turned hill gate 5′ (1500mm)  Turned hill gate 10′ (3000mm)
Turned hill gate 6′ (1800mm)  Turned hill gate 11′ (3300mm)
Turned hill gate 7′ (2100mm) Turned hill gate  12′ (3600mm)

Picket Garden Gates
When we manufacture our picket gates, we have several options available. We can apply a round top, point the top or leave the picket flat top, the choice is yours. These gates are 4 ‘ (1200mm) x 3’ (900mm).


Tongue & groove gates
We manufacture these gates to order, they are ideal for garden gates with the benefit of extra security. They are solid, sturdy and fully bespoke. They are available flat top or for a small additional cost, we can round the top.


Balmoral gate
These gates are fully bespoke and made to order, they are available in a Hardwood or Softwood finish, please call for details. As these gates are fully bespoke we will manufacture them to your exact sizes.

Balmoral gate