Garden Furniture Cornwall

Standard Picnic Table

Heavy Duty Picnic Table

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We manufacture our own garden furniture in house for all our customers in Cornwall. Our picnic tables are ideal for the whole family and perfect for that summer BBQ or just to lounge around outside. The majority of our products are in stock, but please call for details.

Picnic Tables

 Picnic table 4′ (1200mm)  Heavy duty picnic table 4′ (1200mm)
 Picnic table 5′ (1500mm)  Heavy duty picnic table 5′ (1500mm)
 Picnic table 6′ (1800mm)  Heavy duty picnic table 6′ (1800mm)
 Picnic table 8′ (2400mm)  Heavy duty picnic table 8′ (2400mm)


Bench with centre table 

Bench with centre table is avaiable 5′ (1500m) long 


Treated Garden Benches

 Treated Garden Bench 4′ (1200mm)
 Treated Garden Bench 5′ (1500mm)  
 Treated Garden Bench 6′ (1800mm)  


Heavy Duty Garden Bench