Fencing Supplies for Cornwall

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We stock an extensive range of fencing panels and fencing materials so if you are in Cornwall and need a fence then look no further.

Overlap panels

Horizontal slats in a traditional tanalized colour, the most economical option for your garden fence. Also known as larch lap panels. These come in standard sizes of 6ft x 6ft, 6ft x 5ft, 6ft x 4ft and 6ft x 3ft.

Feather edge panels

This feather edge fencing panel has vertical inserts attached to a sturdy frame which means that this pressure treated feather edge fencing panel has added durability in even the most demanding locations. These come in standard sizes of 6ft x 6ft, 6ft x 5ft, 6ft x 4ft and 6ft x 3ft.


Our attractive range of trellis panels are ideal for using up against a south-facing wall, or as a screen to divide one two areas of your garden.

Feather Edge Boards

Feather-edge boards are formed by sawing a rectangular section at an angle, resulting in two sections tapered across the width. Feather-edge boards are laid horizontally, with a vertical overlap of approximately 25mm for boards up to 150mm, and 40mm for boards wider than 150mm.

Feather-edge boards are supplied with a sawn finish, cut from logs harvested in well-managed native woodlands.

Feather edge timber stock sizes

Available in 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m & 3.6m lengths

Heavy Duty  (Ex 150mm x 38mm x 4.8m available to order).

Hit & Miss

Hit and miss will allow minimal visibility from certain angles and will allow air to pass through. Ideal in situations where screening is important but air circulation must be maintained, for example, around bin stores, or where wind levels are high and full screen fencing could deteriorate. A 6” x 1” board is normally used. It can be laid vertically or horizontally.