Cladding Cornwall

We have a range of cladding materials available for supply in the Truro area and to anyone in Cornwall. Generally machined from Fourth/Fifth quality Redwood. It is suitable for interior or exterior (once treated) use. Our cladding is available in a range of timbers, sizes and profiles. Please call for current stock lengths

Material Options & Profiles

In addition to our stock cladding we are also able to offer a range of profiles machined on site such as..

Shadow Gap



Loglap 150mm x 47mm

Material options are as follows..

Home Grown Larch

Siberian Larch Kiln Dried

Western Red Cedar..  Number 2 Clear & Better

Please not that these are not stock items & require ordering to be machined.

Tongue & Groove V Jointed (100mm x 19mm)


We are able to offer a range of standard tongue and groove cladding profiles with a V joint detail. All profiles are designed to be face fixed.

Shiplap(150mm x 19mm)


Shiplap exterior cladding is machined from a quality redwood and is pressure treated for maximum weather resistance. The cladding profile is chosen to allow water to run off quickly and the lap allows for some board movement which will occur as the timber responds to different weather conditions. Shiplap cladding is available in the following sizes: ex 16mm x 125mm and ex 19mm x 150mm. After machining the boards finish at approximately 14mm and 20mm thick respectively, and the board covers are 110mm and 135mm. Board length availability is variable; the normal range of pack sizes is 3.6 metres up to 5.1 metres.

Loglap(125mm x 25mm)


Loglap boards are extremely popular where a rounded log cabin effect is required. The profile is machined from quality slow-grown redwood timbers and the rounded profile helps water to drain quickly. Loglap cladding is avaiable in an ex 25mm x 125mm (1” x 5” ). The choice of board is usually made according to the proportions of the building.

Toungue & Groove (150mm x 25mm)

 _wsb_284x106_IMG_0121 _wsb_259x106_IMG_0119

We have a range of softwood toungue and groove flooring, also available V Jointed. This selection will match the door linings, skirting, architrave and planed timber to provide the finishing touches. The standard stock size we carry is ex 150mm x 25mm (6” x 1”). We can also offer this treated as well if you plan to use externally.